About Me

My first blog post! I’ve finally mustered up enough courage to start my blog! Huge accomplishment! Yay Me!!

I’m Kristen Lee but you can call me Krissy , a born and raised Chicago gal, mother of two amazing children, fitness fiend (at times), and lover of anything cute and crafty that I can do on my own.

Let’s talk style.

Growing up in a family with 3 generations of seamstress, fashion and sewing has always been around me in some way or another. Unfortunately, due to the huge age gap I wasn’t able to be get the formal training.

In elementary school, once I was able to pick out my own clothes I quickly gravitated towards anything baggy and loose fitting. That was until high school. Attending a high school where fashion was a must, I quickly found what works best for me. Mostly importantly I found what made me smile inside.

Once my grandmother transitioned, something inside told me this was the right time for me to inherit her sewing machine. Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten (for the most part) acclimated with my machine and I’m excited to create pieces that make me smile inside.

Thank you for stopping by and welcome to Krissy’s Korner!